Young Tales

Under the Lights

Sam is a boy with epilepsy so desperate to feel like a normal kid, he goes to prom knowing that the lights will make him have a seizure. Starring Peace Joza and Alyssa Jirrels, of Disney Channel fame. Made by…

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The Hideaway

1 No longer girlie enough for her girlfriends and starting to become too girlie for her guy friends, and eager to grow up, Nika, a 14-year old tomboy, is just trying to figure out her place in the adolescent world.…

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Player One

A dark comedy about a group of high school girls trying to deal with their friend’s miscarriage during a sleepover. Project Links

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The Garage

A summer job changes everything for a young man in Indiana. Director Biography – Daniel McMellen DAN MCMELLEN, Producer and Director of The Garage, grew up in the small town of Mission, Kansas. At the age of 16, Dan started his…

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When a struggling, single parent is confronted with the onset of a bizarre mental illness, she must decide if she is losing her mind…or if her visions portend a deeper meaning. Director Biography – Grant Janes After graduating from Columbia University…

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A Strange Calm

When 12-year-old Rosie and Miles encounter a strange man on the 4th of July, their journey to watch the fireworks on the outskirts of town becomes an unexpected fight for survival. Director Biography – Austin Rourke Austin Rourke is a Los…

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