Dear Mama

An international travel show based on a acquiring emotional street art from some of the most unknown locations on the planet.

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A teenage cutter in recovery and her overbearing mother are haunted by a ghost who seeks to keep them at odds. Director Biography – Dan Repp, Lindsay Young Dan Repp – Writer/Director Dan Repp is an Austin writer, director and producer.…

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Based on true events, “Crawl” follows a day in the life of an average teenager who unintentionally takes down a notorious serial killer. Director Biography – Ryan Rox Rox (they/he) began their film career in 2018, mainly doing background work and…

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Chloe at Nightfall

After receiving grim news about her health, Chloe helps her ex move out of his apartment. Director Biography – Tymon Brown Tymon Brown is an American filmmaker working in New York City. As co-founder of both Small Rice Field Productions and…

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A woman throws her life away on the promise of divine glory in the next. Director Biography – Lucas Mass Lucas Mass is a Swedish writer, director, producer, and editor, with a deep interest in the experimental and thematic aspect of…

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The film centers on an outcast in a rural English community who draws the attention of a vengeful mother after a chance encounter with her two young boys. Director Biography – William Michael Anderson Los Angeles native William Michael Anderson earned…

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Capitol Barbie

A Political show about Latinos on Capitol Hill. After a translatina woman starts her internship on capitol hill, she quickly uncovers the dark truths about how it works and is forced to conform or suffer the consequences. This show deals…

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We follow WOMAN through the cycles of abuse in her marriage until it finally escalates to violence—at that point, she must make a choice, does she stay and let the cycle continue, or does she leave and risk the unknown.…

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Big Touch

An Afro-Surrealist story about a giant woman and a tiny man who through the power of touch, experience an unexpected transformation. Director Biography – Christopher Tenzis Christopher Tenzis is a filmmaker from Chicago, IL where he started as an intern at…

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A woman is attacked in front of a selfish model house. She decides to help jeopardizing her life and the most valuable she has: her beauty. Director Biography – Alejandro Trigos Alejandro was Born in Mexico City. After working as Commercial…

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before it melts

When Lok’s estranged father passed away, he left nothing but an ice cream motorcycle. Lok doesn’t know how to ride one, so he has no way but to walk alongside it. During his trip, not only does Lok get to…

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As de Trèfle

Nathan is joined by his daughter Camille by the racetracks. He hopes that by betting on the race, he will be able to afford the school of her dreams. But when Nathan discovers that Camille is admitted in an other…

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