Saneh Boothe

Diversity Panelist – Saneh Boothe

Saneh Boothe Headshots March 2013On her participation in the Santa Fe Film Festival: “I am so thrilled to be a part of the [Diversity Panel]… I was in Iran during the revolution, and those who were interested in movies and media at the time, saw an immediate shut down of creative arts. Even today, Persian/Iranian producers and actors must be very careful because religious “censorship” from the government, and even prison can result…In America as an actress, it is my dream to do well enough to one day be an inspiration to young aspiring movie youth, in Iran be able to follow and achieve their dreams, with freedom.”

Diversity Panel Ticket Info:

Saneh Boothe’s Resume

Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Age: 30-40

A&M Talent House (Jody Black)


Fun House, Supporting role, Paramount Pictures

Highly Functional, Featured, HF Productions


Stanistan pilot TV., Featured/Local Woman – Albuquerque, NM

Dig TV series, Featured/Receptionist – Albuquerque, NM

Hewlett Packard Int. commercial, Featured /Business Woman – AMS Pictures, TX

First Financial Bank – TV ad, Featured/Bank employee – Spoon Films Inc.

Best Buy- TV commercial, Featured/ Shopper – Commerce House


Advanced acting class, Price Hall (Coach & Casting Director) – Far Horizon Studios

Mind Body Actor Workshop, Cat Pilafas (Actress & acting coach) – Orpheum Art Center

Advanced Film acting workshop, Laura Gardner (Actress& CD) – Sol Acting Academy

Intermediate Film Acting course, Lora Cunningham (Actress & CD) – Albuquerque Studios

Auditioning workshop, Faith Hibbs – Clark (Actress& CD) – Sol Acting Academy


Actress, Voice Over, originally from Persia(US Citizen), Multi Lingual: Fluent in Farsi, English(with accent) familiar with Arabic and Turkish, Middle Eastern Dance, Latino Dance, Horseback riding, roller blading, ice skating, Snow Skiing, Marshal Arts(White Sash), cycling, Medical field training, Certified Scuba diver, Fire arms familiarity.